Our Story

Meet Our CEO

Chris King founded Next Level Solutions in 2013 because he saw the need for small and medium sized businesses to be able to compete with large ones, and because he had also struggled as a small business owner.

“I always had this dream of being in business for myself, and that really goes back to my family heritage. My grandfather started a very successful business, so in my early twenties I set out to chase that dream, but it ended up being a nightmare. I learned that sometimes your failures teach you vital life lessons, and I was inspired to help people avoid mistakes like the ones I made,” Chris recalled.

Some of Chris’ clients have described him as a kind of unicorn, with skill sets that don’t usually go together. He is a detail oriented person who also knows how to talk to people.

“Over the years I’ve become a well rounded person who is a salesperson, a strategy person, who is good at accounting and has an executive mindset.”

Outside of work, Chris is married with two daughters. He plays the guitar in a band at his church, and is the co-founder of The Cajun Army, a group of 20,000 volunteers who help those affected by natural disasters.

Our Ultimate Goal Is To Help Businesses Give Back To Their Communities