SBA Economic Injury Loan or Paycheck Protection Program Assistance

SBA Economic Injury Loan or
Paycheck Protection Program Assistance

Next Level Solutions (NLS) is a small business support organization that partners with companies to provide accounting, human resources and technology deployment services. With our experienced, highly-trained team, we increase the capabilities of our clients’ administrative teams and help them assess vulnerabilities in core business functions.
We have the unique ability to quickly respond in difficult business environments and enable owners and their core team members to make difficult decisions while faced with numerous challenges. As a trusted advisor, we allow businesses to focus on customers and revenue growth instead of administrative burdens. We have worked in a virtual environment since 2013, and we are fully functional and positioned to support you in any way we can.

For a fixed fee of $500, Next Level Solutions will:

  • Virtually meet with you to assess your current situation and help you understand how you may potentially benefit from recent legislation
  • Walk through the different options and documents needed to complete the application process
  • Assist you (not as your agent) as you complete the application process for either the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan or the Paycheck Protection Program
  • Fixed fee assumes that you can produce the necessary information in an accurate and organized manner
  • In the event that you need help compiling the data needed or catching up accounting records in order to have accurate information, NLS will engage through its normal process of hourly billing against a retainer for work beyond the scope listed here. We always work to delegate work to the lowest cost resources to minimize client cost.

We would be honored to walk with you through this difficult time.

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