Accounting Basics for Business Owners

WARNING: Flu Season Ahead
WARNING: Flu Season Ahead
November 5, 2019
How to Host an Appropriate Office Holiday Party
How to Host an Appropriate Office Holiday Party
November 18, 2019

Last week our managing partner, Chris King, was the Ascension Chamber of Commerce’s guest speaker for an educative Lunch & Learn event. King’s presentation, “Accounting Basics For Business Owners,” focused on basic but highly useful principles that all small business owners or leaders should be aware of. 

Calling on his past business experience, King aimed to present the information in a classroom-like setting with lots of opportunities for participant questions and comments. With the main goal of teaching business owners why an understanding of basic accounting principles is so important, the information was simplified into an easily digestible but informative format.

From exploring balance sheets to explaining taxes and the difference between debits and credits, King aimed to help participants make informed decisions about their businesses and financial statuses. “Next Level Solutions wants to educate people, share content and enable business owners to be the heroes of their businesses,” said King.

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