Quick Tip

December 17, 2020

Quick Tip #9: Structuring Income Statements

Do you understand the structure of an income statement? As a business owner, you should. If recorded and analyzed properly, it can become a great foundation for future business improvements! Let our team help.
December 9, 2020

The HR Brief: Freedom of Speech & Social Media

Freedom of Speech and Social Media: An employee's personal social media post can have an impact on a company's professional image. Make sure your employees understand your company's policy when it comes to social media.
December 3, 2020

Quick Tip #8: The Difference Between Accruals & Prepaid Expenses

Understanding the difference between accruals and prepaid expenses is very important when matching things properly in GAAP accounting. Our expert team has all the knowledge to keep your business in a good place!
November 19, 2020

Quick Tip #7: Using Deposits as Assets

Our team sees businesses leave money on the table constantly in regards to security deposits. People forget to account for these as assets and do not track them properly, which can easily lead to lost money at the end of the contract.