Are You Selecting the Right Technology?

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Selecting a new piece of technology for a business of any size is a long, tedious process. With an endless array of options and features, the task can seem intimidating to owners and leaders – but it does not have to be. By taking a deep breath and really analyzing your company’s needs, you can filter the options and select programs that will have an impact.

First off, you need to create a list of what you are actually trying to accomplish with this purchase. Improved efficiency? Increased team communication? Your first goal is defining company needs and desires. Once defined, your journey can finally begin. 

There are almost limitless technological options designed to meet your business’ needs. The only way to navigate through them is by thoughtful curation and sticking to your initial list. We always recommend that clients invest the time to work through product demos and imagine how they would fit into your current company processes. 

We often find that companies look over office culture when making a technology decision – we can’t stress how important culture actually is. Employees will have to adapt their routines and learn new processes upon system implementation which may be extremely hard for some people to accept. Before any purchase is made, check with your team and gauge their willingness to change and learn.

As a business support organization, we see people selecting the wrong technology constantly. These mistakes do nothing more than waste time and money. 

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