Crescendo AAV Case Study: Improving Accounting and HR

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Partnering With Crescendo AAV To Improve Accounting and HR: Crescendo AAV Case Study

Crescendo AAV, a company that specializes in home technology, was in search of someone to take care of their back-office accounting needs as well as a few HR needs. In 2013, our relationship began.


At the time, Jeremy Rasti, owner of Crescendo AAV, did not have accounting systems in place and had taken it upon himself to handle the accounting processes within the business. With little experience in accounting, Jeremy found himself spending more time on back office needs instead of doing things that were necessary to grow the company.


Next Level Solutions partnered with Crescendo AAV to handle weekly payroll processing as well as filing payroll and parish and state sales taxes. We have provided them with additional help in HR by generating employee handbooks and other processes.


As a result, Jeremy Rasti now has the time he needs to manage Crescendo AAV, sales, system design and engineering. We have enjoyed working with Crescendo AAV and look forward to continuing our relationship.
  • “Next Level Solutions stepped up and delivered a scalable operational infrastructure that has allowed our company to grow and expand.” Philippe Pucheu, PharmD | President & CEO

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