Do Your Company’s Internal Controls Work?

The ABCs of Applicant Background Checks
The ABCs of Applicant Background Checks
August 15, 2019
Next Level Solutions’ Chris King speaks at 2019 LMTA Conference
Next Level Solutions’ Chris King speaks at 2019 LMTA Conference
September 13, 2019

On  July 11 2019, Joy Irwin, our senior accountant, spoke at the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants’ Governmental and Nonprofit Conference. 

The event was held at the University View Academy Conference Center in Baton Rouge and was attended by CPAs earning their CEUs. During the event, Irwin gave a presentation on internal controls and the top ten questions surrounding them. 

With her experience in government and teaching as well as her current position at Next Level Solutions, she has spent many years working with others to improve internal control processes.

Irwin stated, “I’m always about education. I taught for 15 years, and I’m constantly talking to my clients about how they can improve. One of the things I like to do is to get out in the community and help other accountants also talk to their clients about improved controls.” 

Because of these experiences, she has gathered a wealth of knowledge, which has not gone unnoticed. Suzanne Elliott, Quality Assurance and Research Manager at the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, said, “Joy was wonderful. She is always wonderful. She’s our most requested speaker.”

Elliott hoped that Irwin’s words would leave an impact on the audience, saying, “I hope that they take away a good grasp of internal controls. Most of them are CPAs and they already know about internal controls. But this reinforces it. It’s always a good thing to hear somebody else’s perspective on what they already know.”

We are honored to have Joy on our team at Next Level Solutions, and we love sharing her wealth of knowledge to other CPAs in the community.