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Entering 2020 as a Small Business Owner
Entering 2020 as a Small Business Owner
January 27, 2020
Handling Office Romance
Handling Office Romance
February 13, 2020

Is your business experiencing growing pains? Do you wish you could find someone to share the workload but don’t have the time to hire or train a new employee? Although the unemployment rate in the greater Baton Rouge area is higher than the national average (6 percent in Baton Rouge compared to 3.6 percent nation-wide); business owners still find it difficult to hire employees who have the necessary job skills and work ethic (meaning they show up for work consistently, dress and behave appropriately, etc.).

EmployBR, an integral part of the Workforce Development System in East Baton Rouge Parish, can help your business grow through the use of federal dollars from the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act. EmployBR can pay up to 50% of an eligible participant’s pay for approximately six months through it’s on- the-job training program. Employers can also receive assistance with recruiting, hiring and training employees, as well as on-going support to ensure satisfactory job performance. Any local employer can hold a hiring event at EmployBR to recruit potential employees. 

Customized training is also available to local employers. In this program, employers are able to customize the training needed for an ideal employee, and EmployBR will cover the training cost with the promise of full-time unsubsidized employment at the end of the training period. The Youth Work Experience Program is an opportunity for a community partnership with EmployBR. EmployBR will pay 100 percent of the wages for youth participants to work at your business. 

Additionally, employers are able to customize their partnerships with EmployBR. For example, EmployBR is partnered with Sherwin Williams to provide a free training class for adults to build a career in industrial painting. Participants will graduate at the end of the course with an RRP (Renovating, Repair and Painting) certification, which is good for five years and will qualify them to work on federally-funded projects. 

BrandSafway, a global industrial conglomerate, partnered with EmployBR to create career pathways in industrial scaffolding. BrandSafway has committed to offer full-time job placement to all graduates who receive a certification in scaffolding and meet other hiring criteria. The average pay starts at $14-$17 per hour.  

For more information about hiring your next employee through EmployBR go to http://www.employbr.com/ or call (225) 358-4579 or visit EmployBR at 4523 Plank Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70805.