Utiliwork: Engineering Software Case Study

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Utiliworks Case Study: Implementing
ERP Solutions for a Professional Services Firm

Utiliworks, a professional services advisory firm in Baton Rouge, came to us for assistance with implementing Deltek, an advanced project management software. We examined Utiliworks’ operations and project goals to develop a plan that would seamlessly integrate the software into its current processes. 

Operating on behalf of Utiliworks, we worked with Deltek’s team to accelerate the implementation and complete it in the most advantageous way possible. With the software fully functional, Utiliworks was able to keep its processes in place while enjoying all the benefits that Deltek provides to professional services firms.


Utiliworks purchased Deltek, but never properly implemented it. The software was essentially useless. However, it didn’t make sense for the company to hire a full-time IT employee to address the problem.


To ensure a proper implementation that seamlessly blended with Utiliworks' current processes, we performed an initial analysis of company operations and project goals.

We acted as an extension of Utiliworks’ team and worked closely with Deltek support to accelerate the process and finish the implementation.


With Deltek properly implemented and tailored for employee needs, Utiliworks now experiences all of the benefits provided by the software:

Your work is hard enough. Don’t let outdated technology and poorly implemented software slow you down.

  • Dale Pennington | Managing Director, Utiliworks Consulting, LLC
    “Next Level has supported our growth by not just helping us bring in software applications. They also took ownership of managing and supporting that network solution which would have been a monumental task for our company.”
    Dale Pennington | Managing Director, Utiliworks Consulting, LLC
  • Utiliworks
    “When working with a company like Next Level Solutions, you have the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a dedicated full-time staff.”

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