Establishing Scalable Processes for Growth: PBM Solutions

Why Your Business Needs HR
Why Your Business Needs HR
October 15, 2020
Quick Tip #6: Understanding Your Chart of Accounts
Quick Tip #6: Understanding Your Chart of Accounts
November 6, 2020

Establishing Scalable Processes for Growth
PBM Solutions Case Study

When we first began working with PBM Solutions, their team had a great business model but needed help from a back-office perspective to take advantage of some major growth opportunities. We took over PBM’s accounting, established a scalable infrastructure and implemented new technology solutions. The company now has the ability to grow as desired with no fear of operational capabilities holding it back.


In order to expand properly, PBM needed expert financial and technical support from a partner with the experience and knowledge to handle the company’s operational needs. 


We took over PBM’s accounting by creating a new chart of accounts, handling the client invoicing process, defining digital document storage procedures, and refining the inventory and revenue recognition processes. Our team also implemented HR processes and software solutions to allow for the rapid scaling of team members.


With scalable processes and systems in place, PBM can now take advantage of exciting growth opportunities knowing the success of its operational infrastructure is secure.
  • “Next Level Solutions stepped up and delivered a scalable operational infrastructure that has allowed our company to grow and expand.” Philippe Pucheu, PharmD | President & CEO

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