Avoiding the Top 10 HR Mistakes Small Businesses Commonly Face

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November 18, 2019
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December 30, 2019

Our HR Advisor, Carrie Miller, recently gave a presentation covering “The Top 10 HR Mistakes” at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce. The chamber routinely hosts speakers for its Small Business Series and really wanted a specialist to discuss prevalent HR issues with local business owners. 

Miller’s presentation revolved around the countless dangers small companies face when handling HR by themselves instead of seeking help from a professional. Utilizing her knowledge and extensive experience, her discussion touched on several key topics including misclassifying workers, incorrect I-9 forms and asking for illegal information during the hiring process.

Despite HR’s immense importance, it’s an issue many small businesses struggle with. ”Very few people take the time to understand the laws that govern how they run their business,” said Miller. With this in mind, Miller’s presentation welcomed audience participation and questions so all attendees could get a better understanding of any issues or concerns relevant to them. 

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