Journey Medical Case Study

Maximizing Your Dime in 2020: Improving Internal Controls
Maximizing Your Dime in 2020: Improving Internal Controls
December 30, 2019
Entering 2020 as a Small Business Owner
Entering 2020 as a Small Business Owner
January 27, 2020

Creating the Support System for Long-Term Success

We began working with Journey Medical, a Baton Rouge-based medical screening company, two years into its business venture. Journey was unknowingly facing several serious compliance issues after switching payroll providers, and financial problems were quickly approaching.

After partnering with our team, we regained legal compliance and educated the staff on the importance of consistently evaluating financial data. We worked to implement practices for better long-term planning, and have engaged in a successful, ongoing partnership for several years.


After switching payroll providers, Journey Medical was unknowingly facing tax and payroll compliance issues.


First, we ensured Journey was legally compliant across all areas. We then educated the staff on long-term financial planning and the importance of understanding current financial data.


Journey Medical avoided any legal repercussions and reached a financially stable position with a long-term plan for success.

  • Angie Hector

    "I would have gone out of business in my third year without Next Level Solutions, and I didn’t even know it.”

    Angie Hector
    Owner of Journey Medical
  • “It doesn't matter what kind of company you own, their services are needed.”

    Journey Medical
  • “To me it feels like a support system, and there is no way I could operate without it.”

    Journey Medical

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